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About the Author

     Tammie Hall was born in the small town of Austell, Georgia, and at the age of three, moved with her family to Dallas, Georgia.  At the age of seven, she knelt in prayer and accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior.  She professed her salvation and was baptized giving public testimony to her faith in Jesus Christ.

     At the age of 16, while working at a summer job at a local fast food establishment, the unthinkable happened.  Satan reared his ugly head, causing a transgression of sin to befall her.  Rape changed her life the instant her innocence was violently stolen.  Satan moved in for the kill through the whispering lies of deceit and deception. The “father of lies” stole her joy and replaced her childhood peace with chaos, depression, and darkness.  All hope simply vanished.

     The next 24 years she wandered in the world, refusing to surrender to the call of Christ.  She moved from one broken relationship to another—a walking target for abuse!  Bound by Satan, she fled from all good things God set before her, still believing Satan's lies.

     At the age of 40, alone in her bedroom, weeping in a deep pit of despair, she got down on her knees and asked God to help her.  Her life was forever changed that day!  The light of Christ shone in the darkness, and His truth set her free.  She hungered for the healing Christ offered her, and she sought a personal relationship with God. She joined a Church in Newnan, Georgia and attended Sunday school and Bible studies regularly.  She exchanged her worldly ways for righteousness and was blessed indeed. 

    She gave her life to God, surrendering all to His service.  God called her to share the healing she found in Christ with others who have suffered at the hands of Satan.  The Journey of Courage workbook is her personal testimony of how Christ gave her the strength she needed.  She found healing through the Scriptures of God's Holy Word as He lovingly restored her peace, renewed her hope, and taught her how to have a joyous life in Christ despite Satan and his wicked ways.

     Today she resides in Acworth, Georgia, basking in the blessings God has so graciously bestowed upon her.  She teaches adult Sunday School, volunteers faithfully at a local shelter, speaks at conferences and events, and sings with her Southern Gospel group called "Trophy's of Grace."  Her life in Christ is better than it has ever been before, and she will forever give God all the glory for the great things he has done in her life.