Chapter 11 - Heart Under Construction

          Hi! Welcome back to your incredible journey of healing, brought to you through Jesus Christ.

          Let us give God all the glory and praise that is due Him as you continue your personal healing.

          I hope that you were able to see with spiritual eyes the true nature of your friendships and relationships.

          In order to maintain our healing, we must have the courage to recognize the ungodly things in our life and make the necessary changes, so that we can continue to grow and be healed through Christ. This includes removing ourselves from ungodly friendships and ungodly relationships. 

          Perhaps you befriended someone or entered a relationship based on what you were experiencing at the time of the bonding.

          Perhaps you made a choice based on fearful emotions, or you may have been swayed by others to do something that you really did not want to.

          I know how easily that can happen.  I was easily led before God healed me, and Satan knew exactly who to put before me to keep me in bondage.

          But, as we grow spiritually, we should have the desire to become as much like Christ as possible. And, the only way to achieve this goal is to reconstruct our hearts.

          This reconstruction will help us see the areas of our hearts that have been damaged, but more importantly, it will teach us the way our hearts should be, according to Christ.

          As you work through this chapter, let go of the negative thoughts that rule over your heart and replace them with the positive thoughts of the gospel.

          I encourage you to do the exercises and follow the instructions that God has set before you.

          If you do, you will grow spiritually by changing your heart, one day at a time, to be more like Jesus.

So, put on your spiritual tool belt and begin reconstructing your heart!

          Also, remember to put on your armor of God EVERY MORNING, and give God control of your thoughts.

          Pray asking God to help you change your heart to be like His Son, Jesus Christ.

          After you have completed the reconstruction of your heart, meet me in Chapter 12, "Good Grief," and we, along with Christ, will continue your personal journey of healing.

          Until then, “may the footsteps along your journey of life always lead you to God.”