Chapter 15 - The Joy of the Journey

           Hi! Welcome to the final chapter of your incredible journey of healing, brought to you through Jesus Christ.

          As you journey through life, continue to give God the glory for the great things He has done for you, yesterday, today, and always.

          "My friend in healing, as you traversed your personal journey of courage, I sincerely pray God transformed your heart as you developed a personal relationship with him."

          Along your journey you should have acquired
 these things that Christ so graciously offered to you:

Peace in your Spirit

Love in your Heart

Stability in your Mind and

Comfort in your Soul

          In addition to these gracious offerings, your joy should have been restored, your hope renewed, and you either developed faith or your faith should have grown stronger.

          If you did not accept God's gift of complete healing, I encourage you to go back and start your personal journey again.

          This journey is not limited. Walk it and work it as many times as it takes for you to surrender all of your bondage to your Heavenly Father.

          Remember, you do not have to live your life in chains. You must make a daily choice to walk in victory.

For those of you who conquered Satan through Christ Jesus, congratulations!

Sing your victory song and stand firm against Satan.

Do not allow the evil one to place his chains of bondage around you ever again!

          I realize that there were times along your personal journey that seemed almost unbearable.

But I also know the beauty of the healing—complete restoration!

So, welcome to the "Original You!"

Experience the wonderful purpose that God ultimately created you for!

          The time has come for me to leave you "in the capable hands of God."

          Choose each day to serve Him, put on your armor, submit your thoughts to His authority, "be a sweet smelling aroma unto the Lord and realize the joy of the journey is the peace of God that surpasses all understanding."

          From this day forward, "continue to follow God and bask in the glory of his magnificent presence."

          "May God's blessings be upon you as you live the rest of your life with the understanding that life is a continual Journey of Courage."

          "Until we meet in Heaven, may the footsteps along your journey of life always lead you to God, and may your joy always be found through Jesus Christ."