Chapter 5 - The Road to Recovery

        Hi! Welcome back to your incredible journey of healing, brought to you through Jesus Christ.

        Let us give God all the glory and praise that is due Him as you continue your personal healing.

        Now that you have been cleansed through prayer, it is time for you to take a scriptural stroll down "The Road to Recovery."

"This road is filled with instructional words from God."

        These scriptures from God's Holy Word will teach you how to begin changing your worldly views and your heart.

        As you journey through these scriptures, you will continue recovering from your past.

You will learn how to change your present perception of situations.

        And, God's Word will prepare you for your future: "The Bible is our instruction manual for a peaceful life.  All we have to do is read it, believe it, and apply it."

        Remember to get in your safe zone, put on the armor of God, and pray, asking God to write these scriptures upon your heart so that you may better your life one scripture at a time.

        Once you have traveled "The Road to Recovery," meet me in Chapter 6, "Introducing Satan," and we, along with Christ, will continue your personal journey of healing.

        Until then, "may the footsteps along your journey of life always lead you to God."