Chapter 6 - Introducing Satan

            Hi! Welcome back to your incredible journey of healing, brought to you through Jesus Christ.

          Let us give God all the glory and praise that is due Him as you continue your personal healing.

          Now that you have written "The Road to Recovery" scriptures upon your heart and learned how to love with the heart of Christ, it is time to meet our greatest adversary, SATAN.

"It is necessary to realize that Satan is the only real enemy we have..."

His sole job is to keep us bound in chains of bondage.

And I know from personal experience, he is a master of his trade.

He kept me bound for 24 years!

          As you learn who Satan is from a spiritual perspective, you will come to understand that he truly is the father of all lies.

I like to say, "if his mouth is moving then you know he is lying!"

          He uses anyone he can to further his wickedness.  Even friends and loved ones.

          The Bible tells us in John 10:10, "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy."

          But glory be to God, Satan must flee at the precious and powerful name of Jesus and God's Holy Word!

          When "the light of Christ illuminates the dark recesses of the wicked one's cellar," it "withers the roots of deception."

          Satan has many battle tactics, and the only way to recognize them is by knowing who your one true enemy is.

          Now is the time to completely understand your adversary.

Before you begin, remember to get in your safe zone.

          ALWAYS put on your armor of God, especially when you are boldly walking into the wicked one's cellar!

          Pray, asking God to open your eyes spiritually and help you to see who your one true enemy is and learn his battle tactics so that you may, through the strength of Christ, defeat him.

          Once you have an understanding of exactly who Satan is from a spiritual perspective, meet me in Chapter 7, "Battles Above Us," and we, along with Christ, will continue your personal journey of healing.

          Until then, "may the footsteps along your journey of life always lead you to God."