Chapter 7 - Battles Above Us

            Hi! Welcome back to your incredible journey of healing, brought to you through Jesus Christ.

          Let us give God all the glory and praise that is due Him as you continue your personal healing.

          By working through Chapter 6, you should now understand exactly who Satan is and that his mission is to steal, kill, and destroy, in an attempt to keep us in bondage.

          He has mastered the art of spiritual warfare, which is the battle between the spirit and the strongholds of the flesh.

          "It is extremely important for us to remember that battle skirmishes happen daily. In fact, there are battles raging above us right now!"

          Because God loves us so much, He has his angelic warrior angels fighting Satan's wicked warrior angels on our behalf.

          Yes, Satan has evil angels, and they, like Satan, have only one goal: To kill, steal, and destroy all that is good.

          "Because there will always be conflict between the spirit and the strongholds of the flesh, we must not allow ourselves to succumb to sinful temptations, lest we surrender ourselves to Satan's bondage."

          That is why we must stay prayed up in the Holy Spirit and walk as the children of God that we are.

          If we are faithful to God, His Holy Spirit will be with us daily to help us see these spiritual battles, and we will be equipped and able through His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ, to not only withstand, but win the battles.

Victory is ours! God has already ordained it!

          "On any given day, and at any moment, just look up and know God has his warrior angels fighting for you right above your head!"

          Today is the day that God has set aside for you to learn how to do your battle through Christ.

          Remember to get in your safe zone, for the evil one does not want you to grow spiritually and he will be there to try and stop you.

Put on your armor of God—this is YOUR battle gear!

Pray, asking God to show you and to grow you.

          Once you understand the true meaning of spiritual warfare, meet me in Chapter 8, "Satan's Tools," and we, along with Christ, will continue your personal journey of healing.

          Until then, "may the footsteps along your journey of life always lead you to God."