I experienced several phases of life as I traveled in my 24 years of abuse!  Perhaps you might identify with one or more of my "phases!"  It is not uncommon for us to feel alone and void of hope while in the midst of the storms of life.

I am so thankful that I did not "go down without a prayer" that Friday night in August at the age of 40 when I was ready to end my miserable life!

The Holy Spirit came and spoke to my heart and I finally listened!  What a dramatic change for the better I experienced that night!  God is so good, loving, merciful, forgiving, and PATIENT!

God's Little Creation:
This is me at 3 months of age. God's little creation.
God knew me before He created me in my Mother's womb.

He knew that I would come back to Him and serve Him, but only after the storms of life had passed.
He would always be there, waiting with outstretched arms. All I would have to do is choose Him, and believe in Him!

He loved me then and He loves me now!

The Age of Innocence:
This is me at age 5 - The Age of Innocence!
I was a happy little girl with all of the typical little girl dreams.
I played house and dolls, and dreamed of being a "mommy".

I had no idea what my future held! I was carefree and full of innocence. God knew me, and I knew Him.

Thank God for little girls and their big girl dreams!

He loved me then and He loves me now!


This is me at age 31 - Hiding!
I wore a lot of hats and sunglasses because I didn't want the world to see the sad misery in my eyes.  I sought, walked, and lived in the shadows of happiness! I was only one year away from telling my parents what happened to their little girl when she was sixteen.

I was not with God, but HE was with me.  He felt my pain, He cried with me. He loved me and desired for me to run into His outstretched arms. But I chose to reject Him. He knew that I would put myself through ten more years of pain and anguish before surrendering to HIS LOVE and HIS HEALING!

He loved me then and He loves me now!

This is me in my mid-thirties - Searching!

I remember being drawn to the middle of the Ocean. I chartered a Sail Boat and headed out to sea. As I felt the wind caressing my face, my heart became very heavy and I wanted to jump into the ocean and drown my sorrows forever!

I was not with God, but HE was with me. He knew what I was searching for and that I would be coming back to Him soon. He was still waiting for me with outstretched arms.

He loved me then and He loves me now!

This is me at age 41 - Complete and Healed!

I am so very thankful that God did not stop waiting for me with outstretched arms! When I finally surrendered to His love and opened my heart to His healing; HE RESTORED ME! I live in daily victory through the strength of His Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I will forever give God the glory and praise that is due Him.

 This was the 3rd picture the lady at the Driver's License took before she declared the "spots" impossible to remove.  She even took a picture in between mine, and the young man's photo was just fine!  As soon as I saw my picture I knew instantly that my "Jesus Light" was shinning!

He loved me then and He loves me now!

He loved YOU then and He loves YOU now!

Run into His outstretched arms and open your heart to His healing.  You too can be restored and complete in Christ and your "Jesus Light" will be shinning too!