Your Journey

        I am thankful that you have chosen to walk your personal journey of courage.

        I know from my experience that you are about to embark upon a life-changing journey of healing.

        As you work through your book, remember that these meetings are exclusively for you, and between you and the great and merciful God of the universe.

        I urge you to take this journey seriously and to follow all of the instructions that God has divinely prepared for you.

    This workbook is not about me as an author, or about what I have done; It is all about God and what HE can do for you!

        I am excited to walk this journey with you, knowing that Jesus Christ will guide our footsteps through the healing scriptures of God's Holy Word.

       Before you begin your personal journey of healing, make sure you have your Journey of Courage workbook and a pen or pencil.

        Then follow these simple yet effective steps, as you heal and grow spiritually through each chapter of your workbook.

Step 1:
        Create your personal safe zone.  Make sure it is a place where you feel comfortable and secure, and where you won't be interrupted.  This healing time is exclusively yours!

Step 2:
       Always put on your armor of God, and give Him control over your thoughts.

Step 3:
       Along your journey you will be asked to participate in certain activities.  I urge you not to skip over these sections but to respond and answer them truthfully. If you don’t, you will be denying yourself complete healing.

Step 4:
    Always cover yourself in prayer.

        I will remind you to follow these steps along the way in the book as well as on this website.

Now is the time to return to the person God ultimately created you to be.

       Now is the time to open your heart to the Father's love, mercy, and forgiveness, and trust in Him for your healing.

I personally assure you that if you do, it will forever change your life!

       So, create your safe zone, get your workbook, and meet me in chapter one to discover what you have been searching for.

    Until then, "may the footsteps along your journey of life always lead you to God."